About Us

Who We Are

Birthday blessing is a non profit organization who partners with Churches and small groups to celebrate the lives of low income children ages 5-12. Through birthday parties we remind the children of their worth and value in Christ, we bring hope through the message of the Gospel and we connect them and their families with the local church

Birthday Blessing is a fun and creative way to reach the hurting, the outcast, and the forgotten and to let them know that they are loved, they are not alone and there is hope in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision


How We Do It

Every month Birthday Blessing celebrates a group of unprivileged children whose birthdays fall on that month.  Although we celebrate multiple children on the same party, each one of them is loved and cared for individually, with their own table, guests, cake, party theme and gifts. Through a partnership with churches and groups, Birthday Blessing provides entertainment, food, clothes, bibles and gifts from the children’s wish list (everything brand new) at no cost to their families. Each child can invite their immediate family and three friends to the party.  During the party, the gospel is shared in a fun and creative way. The children and their families are loved on, they have fun and hear a message of hope, love and forgiveness.