Encouraging Words

It’s so beautiful to see that we still have people like this, who try and help others in the time of need. They are angels sent from above. It would be wonderful to have more people lending out a hand to those in need at a hard time like this, maybe people will start too after seeing this. GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

It is sad to learn that people are struggling in ways big and small, but people who stand up to the challenges and help out neighbors/co-workers are the true heroes. America is a great country because of you!

How you handle adversity says a lot more about you than how you handle success. These are people of strong moral character and integrity which, unfortunately, is in short supply these days. Thank God for them.

Aaaah, a bit of good news. What a bunch of nice people this story covered. I’m struggling financially now, but hope to be in a position to give to the less fortunate in the future. The best feeling in the world comes from knowing you helped another human out.

This is such a good story. I almost cried once or twice while reading it. These people are so amazing and I want to thank them all!

This is a refreshing story. It’s nice to see that kindness still exists. These people are truly an inspiration.

May someone pay it forward to the angels that are helping them. God Bless to you and all that are helping out.

Cheers to all involved with making this happen!!!! May God Bless you and hopefully this idea will take off across the country. Every child needs to have something for their birthday and your group is making it happen. Again, Cheers to you.

My mother always told me “The good you do comes back to you”. This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to do something good for someone else. You don’t have to know the person… Just Do It! Each one of us can and should do something to help someone who is in need. If each of us did something, no matter how small, just think of what a wonderful world we would have to live in. My heart is deeply moved and warmed by the unselfish actions of these wonderful people mentioned in this article. May God bless you all.

After reading all the “bad” news and some of the really ugly comments on some other stories, it is nice to see a story about people who truly care about others. Perhaps we can all learn something from this story.

Have you all tried to contact the family that’s in the shelter. I am sure the mother and children appreciated the party, but there could be more pressing issues at stake. I think it shows us that some people do believe in a higher power and know that God loves us. I would like to know more about the family. I hope there is a follow-up and maybe we can do more.

Great stories, shows how good character can pay dividends. More please.

This warms my heart during a time of so many “make money no matter what the cost” stories. You have given me ideas of what I can do to help. If I send gift certificates from certain businesses to a women’s center or church for things that are needed, this can help. I am blessed and was always told that when you share you help everyone.

To the birthday party angels: God love you. I’m going through the same thing here. I have two birthdays coming up – one is going to be 5, the other will be 3, and I really wish they had something like this in Erie, PA. My husband is laid off. I’m working but that takes care of the bills (most of them). But they also cut my food stamps per month for a family of 7. So birthday celebrations are out unfortunately. If there is any help for birthday’s in my city could you please let me know. Thank You and I would be willing to give my time to help someone else. I don’t have the financials but I definitely have time and love!!!! Thank You for listening – any help would be appreciated!!!!!

Keep up the good news… we need more of it. It is obvious there is as much good news out there as there is bad news. I have been writing and illustrating a blog devoted to feeling good for years and have stepped up my writing recently in hopes of giving some light to someone who particularly needs it.

I was so inspired watching this segment. Americans doing what they can to help other Americans! Surely we can all do something for our fellow man.

This is wonderful! In these hard times, we need a little help wherever we can find it. My sister runs a non-profit organization in Hutchinson, Kansas that gives away prom dresses to girls who can’t afford them so they can go to prom. She also gives them shoes and accessories and has drawings for girls to win “updo’s” for their hair and other prom-related things. Her theory is that every girl deserves to feel like a princess, whether they have the money to buy an expensive prom dress or not.

This is such an amazing story… In these hard times when people are losing their jobs left and right, trying to keep their lights and water on, keep their homes and food on the table – having people like the ones in this story just shows that there is still good left in this world. This story should be on the front of the ABC-News “Good Morning America” site as a headline story…